You will love life again.....

It may seem strange to hear me speak about loving life again, but it is not only possible, it is crucial to your well being, to reach a point where you can do just that. Is it easy? No, it is not, however, it is simple.

The Love we have for our loved ones, has nowhere to go, it is suppressed, bottled up and becomes our grief, grief can be crippling, it prohibits many areas of your life. You cannot recognise life because it is completely changed, suddenly, you are no longer the same person, you struggle because you have lost a part of yourself which you can never get back and for most, it was a huge part which is lost.


We are never prepared for loss, even if our loved ones are terminally ill, nothing can prepare you for the huge void, devastation and confusion, which is paralysing, numbing and confusing all at once. I can tell you that the fog will clear, it may take years, but it will clear. There is no time limit on grief, so don’t rush the
process. One day you will have to work through your grief, even if you think you won’t have to, grief will remain with you until one day, when it will take hold of you, putting you back at the point of your loss. It could be a song, a place or another loss, but eventually you are reminded that there is unresolved grief.


Once we can recognise that we are changed, we can begin to accept that we will never go back to being the person we used to be and it is at this point, that we can begin to follow the process, the blueprint, reinventing ourselves and so our journey begins. There is no quick fix here, which is why I created the
blueprint, but eventually we arrive at our breakthrough, we develop our mindset, transform our thoughts, re-focus our energy and this is where we can find our peace.