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The Emotional Journey, is walked by many. Yet strangers we remain, alone we feel "

The emotional journey set about by the loss and grief of a sudden and traumatic change, can have profound effects on our well being. Even if that loss was seen coming, the departure and feelings left in their place will always have a traumatic effect on how you act and feel there after. 

I know that this is obvious, but the pain I talk of is a pain that is not natural to our being. We're not meant to carry this pain forever, and that is why you must find someway to journey through life with it as a presence that you can control and not it control you. 

For a while you will need to go through the stages of grief, and I'm here to tell you right now that's ok, don't be afraid to go through it as scary as it may seem as painful as it is. Its part of that journey.

In someways its a sign that person you loved was real, and you should never feel guilty or ashamed for loving someone soo much. 

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I want to take you through that journey as a guide who understands the terrain before you, who has witnessed and felt that oppressive pain. Their is no cry as powerful as the tears shed for grief. Once I thought I would never stop, that my tears would flow forever. Then at another stage I felt my tears were in my heart but wouldn't flow through my eyes. 

I ache for you, knowing that you are sitting their right now lost and in pain. I want to help you, I don't want you to feel alone. So in a discreet and non direct way, I want you to contact me, tell me your story, share your pain in words. You'll be amazed how much relief you will feel by writing the words you fail to speak. Then if your ready I can offer you a consultation, and if you feel that I can help you, you can decide whether my programs suit you, and whether I'm the right guide for you.  

I hope that my website and all its words will find you some comfort in this time of hardship. The fact you're here, reading this tells me there is hope. You have more strength in that one step, than some do in ten. This is your step to taking back you, to finding yourself after the biggest change in your life, after holding up and falling down after all you've been through.... ! I can see your now, tears, pain, exhaustion, hurt, scars, sweat... and I can see you lifting yourself up, shaking as you go, afraid as you lift your eyes up, I can see you moving forward... 

Move with me... lets move together... lets find away together.... you are not alone.. 

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This is your emotional journey, you are the captain this ship. So before you embark on this journey, please look through the following chapters, as you may need a guide.