What do you expect from an EXPERT?

Experts can vary in many ways. The way you see an expert will depend on how you require them and will depend on the circumstances you find yourself in. Not all experts have degrees, and not all experts have field experience, and not all experts have hand on experience of the subject they teach or guide their students through. An expert is only an expert to you when you need their skills and knowledge the most, it is when you value their knowledge that will make them an expert for you. This is what qualifies an expert... 


The amazon guide, the survivalist.... the list goes on. Can you see what I mean by this. They know their speciality and have hands on experience and knowledge that they apply practically in order for them to  understand the dangers of the terrain, or in order to survive they must know the fundamentals of how to survive by problem solving the necessities of life. The forest guide, needs to know the terrain its ups and its downs, where the paths lead to, amongst all the other essentials that will help create a safe passage through. The survivalist, must know how to sustain life, they must find water, food and shelter; as well as knowing how to deal with the elements of weather. At times they may have to take extreme methods in order to survive. Do you ever think wow they must have lots of degrees and read lots of books? No... why? because you rely on the fact that their knowledge has come from experience and specific training. I don't think you can have a degree in those areas, but I'm sure the level of their experience tells you that they are to be trusted and relied on. 

Am I "Your" Expert?


As someone who specialises within the field of grief and bereavement, it’s meant that I was passed these skills of knowledge and understanding through my own pain and loss. I've lost my father, my husband, my son, and my own mother, as well as other family members, besides friends... the list is extensive and heart breaking. 

Since then I have refined, honed and took extensive training so that I could be a true guide to you. I will walk with you identifying the less exhausting steps, and I will be intuitive to your pain. Because, after all, this is all familiar to me, I know its mask, and I know its steps. 

Well that depends on you? It depends on your needs and level of requirements. I don't work with everyone that comes to me, and I pride myself on directing you to the right place and people, if I should not be the right support for you at this time. . Everything has a time and place for healing, and this might be your time to take this personal journey with me right now and it may not.