As someone who has suffered loss and walked in the steps of grief and sadness. I know how isolating and powerless that pain can make you feel. There is no textbook in this world that can understand your unique response to your own personal trauma, because no matter the cause sadness can be a prison we can't always escape alone.

After years working with people of all backgrounds within the corporate world, I knew that my empathy and experiences, had to be released, so that I could support those trapped in a world of silence. 

Not many are willing to visit this world, because they don't understand the terrain as I do. I have the boots and t-shirt, which I still wear daily when the moment creeps upon me.

As a personal coach, I will offer support, guidance and programs which will assist you in finding the new you out of all this darkness. I will be your expert, leading you on a torch lead expedition by as a expert guide who understands and has walked the landscape before us. This is what I am and this is what I do. I become your expert guide leading you through hardship to brighter days.      

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“I felt as though I was talking to a friend, who didn't judge me! Instead I felt totally understood, I could finally speak my fears and emotions to someone that was able to listen without getting emotional. I felt safe and I felt cared for. Debbie has helped me through my emotions and I'm grateful to be working on a new me with new hopes and goals. ”